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Canna products are delicate and even a minor flotation in temperature, light, or humidity can affect their quality. Environmental exposure and wrong storage can also contribute to smelling and fungus in these products. 

Considering, you don’t want any of these to degrade your products, taking some preventive measures is a must.

You need to focus on everything from their preservation to their storage. The following tricks will help you to do so. Have a look:

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Concentrated jars are a new trend in the markets, but they are getting quite popular. 

They are classy, durable, and can resist both moisture and liquids. The glass jars can store wax, oils, and dry canna without any damage to the products.

The following are a few more benefits that the concentrated glass jars bring for you.

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The rapid expansion of the cannabis market has increased the need for quality canna product packaging material. The standard foil and cardboard food boxes just aren’t enough now.

You need packaging that is protective, attractive, and can protect the products from environmental factors. The packaging also needs to withstand pressure during transport.

The following are some interesting packaging options that are currently considered best for packing canna products.

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The child-proof Mylar bags as the name suggest are a developed or extra protected type mylar bags. These bags combine two or more locking mechanisms to form a secure opening system. Usually, they have a point where you need to apply force for opening it. This force opening system ensures that your child cannot accidentally open your Mylar bags.

These marijuana packages come in multiple different types, sizes, and locking mechanisms to suit your needs. However, they all can be classified under two categories-reusable and non-reusable Mylar bags. 

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When it comes to the preservation of canna products and their safe transportation, no packaging works better than the mylar bags. They are sturdy, non-porous, puncture-resistant and most of all great for smell-proofing.
And the good part, they come in several different types to suit your packaging needs. The following are a few different types of mylar bags that you may find in the market.

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