Concentrate Packaging

Properly storing your cannabis concentrates helps preserve their potency and flavor for months. Find a great variety of concentrate containers in-stock and ready to ship at Sooner State Packaging.

We offer cannabis concentrate packaging options, including glass concentrate containers, acrylic containers, silicon containers, and Qube square jars. All our packaging products come in a variety of sizes.

The ergonomic designs are super easy to secure, clean, maintain, and ensure that concentrates maintain their integrity and freshness for months. The attractive, compact-sized jars are perfect for storing and displaying purposes.

Our jars and containers have been designed to keep child safety in mind. So even if they get their hands on them in your absence, the child-safe caps will take care of the situation.

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The fragile nature of marijuana concentrates makes high-quality packaging crucial to preserving its integrity and potency. The right concentrate container protects the product house inside from harmful elements like air, odor, and moisture and odor. 

In addition, the popularity of cannabis concentrates is ever-increasing, and so is for modern tools and equipment to scrape, dab, store, and display them! 

At Sooner, we take pride in our impressive range of the highest-quality concentrate packaging. We have an ever-growing collection in different colors and shapes to serve all various purposes. 

So, whatever you have on your mind, we probably have it on our list

Go through the massive collection of ashtrays, glass rolling trays, scrape, and dab tools in different shapes and sizes to find your unique one! These storage products are also perfect for custom logo branding.