Qube Square Concentrate Jar

Qube square bottles are one of the most classy ways to store cannabis products. They are compact, easy to transport and really attractive in looks. Plus, we happen to have a range of them in sizes that you need. We have both 5ml and 9ml bottles that you can get in transparent or opaque type.  

The best part, the qube square concentrated jars are completely child safe. You can store them at any part of your place without having to worry about your children getting them.

Made from the finest glass and with precise machining, each of the child safe Qube square bottles at our store is sleek in look yet very durable. Their glass is strong enough to not just sustain daily use but also minor falls with ease. 


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Available in: 5 mL |  9 mL | 7 mL

One of the problems with canna is that it needs a proper airtight storage. Even the slightly high heat moisture or contamination can degrade its quality. 

At the same time, you have to ensure that the packaging is reusable and eye-pleasing. Our Qube square concentrated packaging can offer all of these and much more.

The luxurious looking child proof glass vials are developed from premium material, especially for storage purposes. They are totally leak-proof and can preserve even something like a CBD oil with ease. Want to know checkout our website now.