Mylar & Child Resistant Bags

Mylar packaging is the most preferred packaging material for all kinds of essential edibles and herbs. The bags use an aluminum or polymer lining with a soft shielding that provides it a very firm yet elegant look. They are excellent for keeping environmental heat, light and air at bay.

You can also consider removing the oxygen from these packets for a better result. Our packets are airtight and will not let in air or moisture, It means, if you remove the O2 using an absorbent, you can preserve the product inside for a really long time. 

These qualities will ensure that your valuable goods dont get degraded or contaminated with bacterias. Aboveall, the mylar packets are smell-proof, highly secure for transportation and storage. They are very durable and can easily withstand impact. The advanced closing mechanism of our Mylar package also ensures that your children cannot open them. 

Moreover, we also provide gusset and zipper Myler packets. There is also a wide range of choice in terms of sizes and colors. You can also choose between completely opaque and half transparent packets. 

So, the next time you need high quality storage bags for medication, canna products, or any such material, let us know. We Have all these products at wholesale rates, ready for shipping.

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No matter what kind of packaging bags you need, we always have the best options for you. Our wide range of packaging bags include, vacuum bags, mylar bags and several more just for you. 

Our packets are thin, light, affordable and very elegant in appearance. They are also ultra strong and can handle any type of product with ease. We source them from top-notch manufacturers to ensure optimal quality and choices.

Being the leading provider of the packing bags, we can also assure you best prices and customization. Just choose what you need and we will provide you the best deal for it.