6 Dram Pop Top Vials

Need some medical-grade 6-dram pop top vials to store medicines or canna products or transport them? We got you covered. We at sooner packaging have a rich collection of these vials.

They are available in different colors including white, green, blue and more. Most of them are translucent, but don’t worry, we have some opaque variant too. Each of them designs with friendly plastic and a child-resistant lid.

You can also consider us for affordable prices of these 6 dram pop top vials collection. The high-quality child friendly 6-dram pop top vials are available at less than $50 per package of 600 vials.

If you are selling small batches of product to your consumer, you would need packaging that is cheap but at the same time safe. Our 6 dram Pop Top Vials are perfect for this task. 

They are small, safe and very durable. Each of them is made carefully to handle pressure and the shocks while traveling.

You can trust them to withstand falls or environmental changes with ease. The child-friendly vials are also seal tight type and will never let your product degrade due to contamination. On the top, the wholesale deal makes them super cheap.