7 mL Concentrate Container

Looking for a container that’s air-tight, child-resistant, and makes the shifting process enjoyable? If so, you are at the right destination. 

We are known for making your shifting experience memorable. We provide you with a comprehensive range of products such as glass and acrylic concentrate containers, pop top vials, vessel seal bags, and more such that they fit all your needs and are available at affordable prices. 

What’s more interesting is that our products are crafted with remarkable quality measures, techniques and are meant for all sizes and shapes. So, reach to our site immediately to check our product range. 


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Available in: 5 mL |  9 mL | 7 mL

At Sooner State Packaging, we understand that storing and packing products for short or long trips could be stressful. This is why we have come up with a myriad of products and services including pop top vials, glass concentrate containers and vacuum seal bags. 

Our products, crafted by proficient and experienced experts, are air-resistant, smell-proof, customisable and available at economical rates. 

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