Types of Storage Containers

The rapid expansion of the cannabis market has increased the need for quality canna product packaging material. The standard foil and cardboard food boxes just aren’t enough now.

You need packaging that is protective, attractive, and can protect the products from environmental factors. The packaging also needs to withstand pressure during transport.

The following are some interesting packaging options that are currently considered best for packing canna products.

Concentrated jars

Concentrated jars as the name suggest are packaging material for concentrated products like oils and wax. They are compact and usually come in glass or silicon material. But you can also find them in mixed compositions like a glass jar with a plastic lid. 

The jars have airtight properties and can also lock a decent amount of heat and light. They can protect your product from damages, fungus, and odor even when stored for a long time. The jars will also keep the product fresh.

And then, there is the secure closing mechanism used for the concentrated jars. The childproof concentrated jars have a double lock type lid that will only open if you press it at the right spot. 

Mylar Bags

When it comes to flexible packaging that can enhance canna products' shelf life, mylar bags are the best. They come with a polymer lining that locks moisture and prevents any contamination. 

These mylar bags also offer a decent vacuum effect that ensures the freshness of your products when combined with oxygen absorbent bags. The best part, these bags also come in different sizes and types.

You will find them in complete translucent, semi-transparent, and half side transparent variants. And the mylars bags are also child-resistant. 

Most premium mylar bags come with a secondary locking system that needs precise pressure application to open it. So you can forget about unwanted exposure and spills. 

Pop Top Vials

The pop-top vials are small plastic containers. You may have seen them before a version of these vials are used for storing medicines.

The vials are excellent in terms of safety and durability. The plastic used for making them is food-safe and very durable. It can take any type of shock and fall without breaking. 

Another good thing is that their tops are seal type. Once they close, no gas or liquid can enter the container. The lid is also child safe and won't open with a direct pull or push. You will need to apply force at the sides of this vial to expose its content. 

And the high-quality canna storage vials are available in different sizes, shapes, designs, and colors to suit your needs. 

Tubes And Cases

Tubes and cases are usually a specific type of packaging container. You can use them for storing canna products and dry herbs, but they are best for storing joins and small samples.

The tubes are also available in numerous shapes like cylinder, conical and more.

As for cases, they are available in cardboard or plastic material. They are not much safe but are inexpensive. They are best for storing things like rolling papers that don't need much environmental protection.  

Final Words

The few packaging materials you read are only a few options available in the market. There are still many options like zip bags. However, most of them are not as reliable as the material mentioned above.

So, if you want a long shelf life and better freshness of your canna product, decide carefully.