Different Types of Mylar Bags and their Uses

Different Types of Marijuana Mylar Bags and their Uses

When it comes to the preservation of canna products and their safe transportation, no packaging works better than the mylar bags. They are sturdy, non-porous, puncture-resistant and most of all great for smell-proofing.

And the good part, they come in several different types to suit your packaging needs. The following are a few different types of mylar bags that you may find in the market. 

Vacuum Bags

The vacuum mylars are one of the oldest and the most used forms of mylar bags. These bags have an average appearance and usually come in semi-transparent or opaque variants. What makes them special is an extra texture layer inside. 

This layer facilitates the removal of air and enables you to create a vacuum inside the bags. They will need a vacuum machine and sometimes oxygen packets for these bags. But they are long term solutions and have excellent preservation.

Flat Bottom Bags

There are mylar bags that come in a square shape. They have the same working and sealing mechanism, but their shape is different.

In simpler words, once you fill and close this mylar bag, you get a flat square or rectangular space at the bottom. The bags are preferable for daily use material, especially the ones that are hard to store in containers.

You may have seen them for packing tea, herbs, and some dry canna products. 

Stand-Up Bags (gusseted)

The stand-up mylars are not much distinct from the standard flat button bags. They have the same working principle and application.

The only difference is the shape of these bags. Unlike the square bottom bags, the stand-up mylar has no limitation. Their bottom can be circular, oval, or even square or rectangular in shape. 

Child Proof Mylar Bags

Children-proof mylars are nothing but an upgraded version of the standard mylar bags. These bags can come in a vacuum seal, ziplock, or any other mylar bag type, the only difference will be an extra locking mechanism that ensures no spills or kids accessing the contents.

The new security lock also ensures that your children cannot open the mylar bags. 

Vista Mylar Bags (with Window)

If you need a mylar that can not only protect your product but also enable you to look at what's inside, choose window mylar bags. This mylar bag variant comes with two-layer appeals. The back layer is completely opaque while the front part is fully or partially transparent, like a window. 

This panel is developed from high-quality polymer and has a good protective effect. It will ensure that the product inside gets proper odor and moisture protection.

However, the transparency makes the product vulnerable to light damage. So, don't use these bags for long term storage purposes. 

All but Vacuum Mylar Bags have Zip Locks

There are scenarios when you need to access your stored product regularly. Thus, you need mylar bags that you can reuse. The ziplock bags are the ones for this job.

These two sides of the mylar bag's top have a small lining that fits into the other side. So, you can easily open/close this mylar with a gentle pull and press. 


Due to their rising use in the Canna industries, companies are continuously finding ways to innovate them. You may now find them in multiple different sizes as well as colors. 

There are also some unique variants like Bag-in-bag mylar which consists of a small mylar inside a larger one for extra safety.

So take your time to check all your options and get the best pick for your business needs.