What Makes a Mylar Bag Child Proof?

A lot of dispensaries, processors or growers have switched to Mylar bags for packing their canna products. The bag’s durability, resilience, smell proof resilience and environmental protection property make them better than most packaging materials.

But, the standard Mylar bags were easy to open even for children. Thus, there was a risk of both unwanted exposure. 

And that's how the canna industry came up with the concept of child-proof Mylar bags. The following post will shed some more light on the technology. 

What Are Child-Proof Mylar Bags?

The child-proof Mylar bags as the name suggest are a developed or extra protected type mylar bags. These bags combine two or more locking mechanisms to form a secure opening system. Usually, they have a point where you need to apply force for opening it. This force opening system ensures that your child cannot accidentally open your Mylar bags.

These marijuana packages come in multiple different types, sizes, and locking mechanisms to suit your needs. However, they all can be classified under two categories-reusable and non-reusable Mylar bags. 


These Mylar bags are commonly preferred for single-serving products or sampling. It's because they have permanent type sealing and cannot be used more than once. 

Most often this type of Mylar bag has a sealing mechanism accompanied by a heat sealing section. To open them, you need to bend the sealed package and tear it. 

The bending and tearing is possible only at a particular section. Thus, it's difficult for children to open it. 


Also referred to as Exit Bags. As the name suggests, these are Mylar bags that have a flexible open/closing mechanism. You can use them over and over without any problem. 

Here’s a list of common Mylar bag types that you will find in this category. 

Zipper type

Zipper types are premium type Mylar bags with a very simple working structure. The Mylar bag comes with a zip and a lock at one end of the Mylar bags.

Once you close the zipper, simply place its hock in the lock and it will get stuck there. The only way to open it then is to apply pressure on the locking structure.

Some manufacturers also add an extra polymer layer to cover the zipper and their locks. So, there is hardly any risk of accidental opening. 

Push Pin type

The push pin type looks like a standard zipper-type Mylar packet. It has a small zip at the upper end that you can use to open or close them.

The difference here is that this zip gets locked when you close the packet. You will need to place a small pin to lift this lock and open the packet. Some bags use a pushable pin for this task, but the principle still remains the same. 

Thump-Pocket Zip Seal

These are the most preferred child-resistant Mylar bags in the market. They come with a simpler zipper mechanism that's covered by a locked layer.

It will have a small box or marking indicating the thumb area on it. You need to place your thumb in the space and then use it to remove the protective lock. The bags are especially popular in the canna industry as opening needs skills and knowledge of the mechanism. Hence, children cannot access them.


The pinch lock is not as secure as the other locking mechanism but it's a great choice for many. The Mylar bags come with a simple locking system, something identical to the standard pull-type Mylar bags.

However, these bags are developed in a way that you cannot open them by pulling or shaking the packet. You will need to pinch on the marked surface to access them. 

The Final Words

These are the common types of children-resistant Mylar bags and the smart mechanism they use to protect your canna products. But of course, there may be more of these in the market with more design being added every now and then. 

However, one thing that remains constant is that they all will be highly secure. So, check your option, choose your packet and forget about accidents with your products.