Dispensary Supply

Running out of dispensary supplies a need a quick refill? Worry not, with Sooner State Packaging, all the supplies you need are just one step from your dispensary.

We have a full-fledged store with everything ranging from a digital scale replacement bowl to water pipes. There are also some trip lighters, Mylar bags, beaker water pipes and hand pipes. Our firm even provides high quality packaging back with thankyou printed on it.

Then there are the interesting and unique accessories like dab tools, odor eliminating candles, mobile scale, crank handle grinder and silicone chillums.

Most of them even come in different shapes, sizes and design to best suit your requirement. So, don’t wait!

510 Thread Batteries | Air Fresheners & Candles | Atomizers & Vaporizers | Blunt Wraps, Rolling Papers & Cones | Currency Counters | Dab Tools | Grinders | Humidity Packs | Lighters & Torches | Parchment & FEP | Rolling Trays & Accessories | Scales & Weights | State Compliant Labels | Transport Bags

No matter what type of dispensary supplies you need, we have the best of them. You will find all sorts of vapes, pipes, lighter candles and even high precision scales with us. You can also trust us for rare variations of supplies like chair shaped hand pipes.

Each of these supplies is available at best prices, and you can always get most out of them with a bulk order. We also offer a wide variety of most of these accessories so that your choices never get limited. 

And don’t worry, low price wont means a low quality. Browse our website to check out your options.