Keeping Your Products Fresh and Customers Happy with Concentrate Containers: Acrylic, Glass, & Silicone

Have your fruits turned black while moving to your new home? Have your makeup products gone ruined in between the transition? If so, then we are here to assist you!

We, at Sooner State Packaging, are known for upgrading the shifting experience of customers across the city. We provide you a complete range of glass concentrate containers that are air-tight, odor-proof, and water resistant. 

Our products are of supreme quality and are designed such that their elegance look will add charm to your home. So, if you are interested in keeping your products fresh and safe for a long time, explore our products range today itself.


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Available in: 5 mL |  9 mL | 7 mL

At Sooner State Packaging, we design and deliver a comprehensive range of glass concentrate containers and other products that eases your moving experience.

Our products are air-tight, moisture resistant, cost-effective, and are customizable to your needs; implying you can get the best of benefits with them. 

What’s more, we take pride in being the service provider that people invest their trust in, and ruling their hearts with utmost quality of services and care. Hit on our website to know further.