90 Dram Pop Top Vials

Get high-quality 90 Dram Pop Top Vials for your dispensaries at wholesale pricing. Our 90 Dram Pop Top containers are compliant in all major regulated markets. These provide a convenient and secure way to store your products safely. Choose these durable bottles for 1 ounce of dry product weight.

At Sooner Packaging, we provide child resistant 90 Dram Pop Top Vials that keep your products away from child in your house. Our color selections include white, black, green, and gold options. The rigid exterior of vials has large space for custom labels, print and much more.

Extend the lifespan of your cannabis products with our quality 90 Dram Pop Top bottle.

Philips Pop Tops | 6 Dram | 13 Dram | 19 Dram | 30 Dram | 90 Dram | King Size Cone, Blunt or Joint Tubes | Pop Top, Push & Turn and Screw Top Vials

Shop for pharmaceutical-grade 90 Dram Pop Top Vials and Containers at competitive prices for all dispensaries. They make a durable, lightweight, compliant, and secure storage solution to package your cannabis products.

Suitable for 1 ounce of dry flower, these pop top bottles boast a moisture-resistant design with an airtight seal. Thus, they keep your medical and recreational cannabis fresh.

If our pop tops are not what you want at the moment, you can explore our selections of smell-proof Mylar bags for a packaging solution that suits your needs. Not all businesses need Dram Pop Top containers. That’s why we offer wide selection of dispensary supplies for you to choose from. 

We stock everything you may need for your medical marijuana or recreational marijuana.