Why Use Glass Concentrate Containers?

Concentrated jars are a new trend in the markets, but they are getting quite popular. 

They are classy, durable, and can resist both moisture and liquids. The glass jars can store wax, oils, and dry canna without any damage to the products.

The following are a few more benefits that the concentrated glass jars bring for you.


The glass used for making the concentrated jars is noble in nature. It doesn't get corroded or reacts with the canna product inside. It will ensure that your product does not get contaminated.

The non-degrading nature of the concentrated glass jars also makes them a long-life solution. You can use them to store products for years without any trouble. 

The best part, the containers are very smooth and well finished. Thus, none of your products, including wax or oils, will stick with its walls.


The biggest benefit of using a glass concentrate container is the protection it offers to the canna products. The containers are usually airtight and will not allow air or moisture inside. It will also prevent direct contact of dust particles and your products.

The ones with a semi-transparent appeal can also prevent a high light from entering. Hence, the product will stay safe from almost every environmental damaging agent.

Child Safe

One common problem with most canna storage containers is that they are accessible even for children. It raises the risk of spills and unwanted exposure.

The glass concentrate jars solve this problem. Most of these come with a child-resistant lid that needs precise force to open. Usually, the lid will have a specified area where you need to press for opening them. 

Moreover, the concentrated jars were developed for concentrated canna products like resin, budder, crumble, and wax. So, the glass is strong enough to endure slight shocks and falls without spilling your products.

Looks And Durability

Safety isn’t the only thing that comes with concentrated glass jars, but they are also great looking. The manufacturers also provide them with multiple attractive designs. You can get them in a transparent body with a glass lid, a glass body with a plastic lid, a colored body with a colored lid, and a lot of other variants.

The product is simply brilliant for storing canna products in an eye-appealing and classy way.

Size Choices

The most amazing part about the concentrated glass is that they are highly customizable. They come in multiple different sizes and storage volumes to store your products. The child-resistant packaging product is available in 5, 6, 7, 9, and 15mL with ease. 

Some manufacturers will also have customized sizes to suit your needs. 

Final Words

When you think of airtight packaging for concentrated canna products, glass jars are a great choice. They are attractive, reusable, environment resistant, and durable. The concentrated glass jars are also excellent in locking out air or moisture that can cause odor or fungus in your products.

Plus, you have a lot of choices both in terms of design and storage capacity. You should definitely prefer them for storing and transporting your canna products.