Philips Pop Top Vials

Our high grade CPSC certified Philips pop vials are the best of its kind for any type of dispensary. They are well-finished, pleasant looking and totally safe for any product.

They also come in tons of colors that you can choose according to your choices. And, since most of them are opaque and translucent, they are also good for discretion. No one will be able to find what’s inside them making it easier to carry or transport.

What makes these Philips pop top vials more interesting is their easy to operate structure. You can easily open them by applying slight pressure on the size. And every time you do that you will hear that pleasant pop sound.

No matter what type of container or vial you use, keeping them away from children is a must. Mostly, because they can unknowingly open it and spill the product. 

But not with our Philips pop top vials. We have developed these vials with children and transportation needs in mind.

There is no possible way they will open without applying pressure at the right spot. And no, you child won’t break it. The

 high durability Philips pop top vial

 are developed to withstand a certain magnitude of pressure or falls without opening or breaking. Now, that’s a reason to get them right now.