Flower Jars (Glass or Plastic)

We carry Flower Jars, glass and plastic. They are great options for storing different products. Safe and Stylish Cannabis Storage Jars: Keep Your Stash Fresh for Longer 

Are you looking for a perfect container to store your little nugs or, maybe, your big stash? Regardless of your size and material preferences, Sooner State Packaging caters to all cannabis consumers.

We take pride in our ever-expanding line of cannabis storage jars for both recreational and medical purposes. We provide state-compliant child-resistant marijuana jars in various shapes, colors, and sizes.

Shop display jars and flower jars made of medical-grade glass and/or plastic material. Whether you are looking for airtight vacuum containers, those with magnifying glass/LED display, or others; you will find them all here.

All our products are made to be odor-proof and airtight to keep the product inside fresh and potent.

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Glass & plastic jars are preferred for storing cannabis because of their hygienic properties. Available with airtight lids, these containers keep your products potent and safe from children. So, they make a great gift for stoners with young children. 
Our high-quality cannabis containers include: 
• Display jars will let you catch the eye of your consumers on the shelf. They let your stash look good, safe and showcase your brand. 
• Glass jars are the most preferred option by marijuana lovers. Thanks to their durability and superior quality. The smell-proof and airtight seal ensures that it preserve the potency of the flower. 
• Plastic jars let you store your herb safely for months without degrading the quality. 
Our cannabis jars are a suitable choice for both personal and commercial use. These can be customized to accommodate your branding needs. 
Not sure what fits your needs? Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the right cannabis jar that fits the packaging regulations and specifications required by your state.