9 mL Concentrate Container

The vacuum pouch, and Mylar bags have limitations and are tricky for multiple applications. The pop-0top bottle may have this function, but it's not that classy. The concentrated jars are a whole new story.

The glass jar comes with a sleek finish that is very pleasant in looks. They come with a screw type lid that further adds to their benefits. It makes the concentrated bottle totally reusable.

And, don’t worry, reusability doesn’t mean, they are not airtight or safe. The bottles are child safe and can contain even liquid products. The glass is also food-safe, so you won’t be having any risk in using them.


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Available in: 5 mL |  9 mL | 7 mL

If you are looking for a classy way to store canna or other edible product, then our range of concentrated containers is something you will like. 

The sleek and sophisticated containers are designed with high precision to ensure their safety. They are child resistant lids and rounded edges for ensuring it. 

We even have multiple designs and colors to suit your needs. You can find the concentrated bottle in both cubicle and cylindrical shape. The

 child safe concentrate bottle

 also offers you three different color combos. You can get them in white, black and half clear half colored.