How To Keep Your Product Fresh?

Canna products are delicate and even a minor flotation in temperature, light, or humidity can affect their quality. Environmental exposure and wrong storage can also contribute to smelling and fungus in these products. 

Considering, you don’t want any of these to degrade your products, taking some preventive measures is a must.

You need to focus on everything from their preservation to their storage. The following tricks will help you to do so. Have a look:

Start Right

The simplest thing to consider before storing your product is its quality. Often the product that you get from the farm may have some contamination or fungal signs. If you pack this type of product, they won't last long.

So, always screen your canna product and make sure they are clean and contamination-free. Even the most high-quality storage won't matter if the product is already infected with fungus moisture or other agents. 

Use Good Packaging

Once you are sure that the products are up to the mark the next thing you will need is the medium to store them. 

Now, there are multiple packaging materials in the market that you can use including simple glass bottlers, zip packets, and more. The following are some that work best for this job.

  • Mylar Bags
  • These bags are extremely good for packaging products that need to stay fresh and lock the environmental changes. The mylar bags have a lining that protects the inside product from temperature, heat, and in most cases intense light. Then there is the sealing of the mylar packet that prevents air and moisture exchange.

    Each of these qualities ensures your product is fresh and ready to use. Adding oxygen absorption packet and vacuum sealing will further enhance the preservational effect of the mylar bags. 

  • Bottles And Vials
  • If you have something like a sealed bottle or a pop-top vial, use them to store your products. These products are often sealed and prevent any direct contact between your product and the outside environment.

    If you can get one in translucent or semi-transparent, it will also prevent any effect of the outside light. Plus, like most mylar bags, the violas are also reusable and come with child-resistant locks. 

  • Cardboard Boxes
  • The cardboard boxes are also a great alternative for packing your canna product. They are translucent and prevent your products from light. But, they don't seal well and may have risks of moisture and temperature damages. So, use them only for short storage or if you have a very good storage facility.

  • Zip Packets
  • The zip pockets look similar to mylar and share some of their benefits like the reusability. They also offer decent sealing which means moisture control. But, unlike mylar bags, they are not that insulated. 

    Most of them come in transparent variants which means your product will endure the light. Therefore, use them only if you are4 planning to freeze your product or vacuum sealing them.


    The packaging of your canna product will take care of some damaging factors, but not all. For instance. Most of them including the pop-top vials and glass bottles are prone to heat damage. 

    So you will need a proper space to store them. This storage should have regulated temperature, heat, light, and if possible, moisture. 

    You also need to ensure that the area is not accessible by kids and status clean all the time. Sealed boxes and refrigerators are also a consideration.

    Final Words

    With the right product packaging and storage measure, the product will not get contaminated or exposed to extreme environmental factors. They will stay healthy, fresh, odor-free, and offer optimal quality even after a long time.

    You can also consider some extra work or measures, but that's up to you.