Vibes - The Cali - Hemp 2 Gram Cylindrical Shape Paper - 3 Per Pack - (8 Count Per Display)

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  • THE CALI | The Cali by Vibes is an intimate pre-roll made in the signature rolling style of rapper and entrepreneur Berner. They have a straight, cylindrical shape with a wide circumference. These cones have a 2g capacity.
  • HEMP | Vibes Hemp cones provide a classic experience that highlights the flower’s natural flavors. The hemp is expertly crafted for a slow and even burn.
  • VIBES TIPS | Vibes Tips are an essential part of a Vibes joint. The Cali pre-rolls have been expertly rolled with special tips that provide stability to this unique shape while catching any debris from sticking to your lips or being inhaled.
  • SLOW BURN | Nothing kills the vibe like a joint that burns way too fast and canoes. The Cali by Vibes hemp cones have amazing airflow and give big, comfortable pulls.
  • 8CT DISPLAY | Each The Cali by Vibes Rice display includes 8 individual boxes in a black display box. Each box contains 3 pre-rolled cones and 3 built-in filter tips.
  • 2G Capacity  
  • Wide, Cylindrical Shape
  • Optimal Airflow
  • Big-Smoke Experience
  • Easy-To-Pack Design
  • 4 Blends Available
  • Cultivated In France
  • Hand-Rolled In Dominican Republic
  • Acacia Gum

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