SKUNK Mini Smell Proof Back Pack W/Lock - (Various Colors)

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The Skunk Mini Smell Proof Backpack is a more general-purpose backpack than the Rouge or Nomad. It has a solid outside texture without complicated outer pocket systems. Inside is an array of useful storage options and features a built-in combination lock. This backpack is still great for cannabis storage but also good for everyday use.

The protective netting helps to keep the activated carbon lining in place, while still exposing it, to ensure maximum effectiveness. This lining neutralizes odors and traps harmful chemicals and gases in the material's pores to provide a neutral smell zone. They are so confident in their system that they offer a money-back guarantee. So load it up, and go for it.

  • Premium activated carbon lining
  • 2 front pockets
  • 1 front utility strap
  • Double zipper closure on the main compartment
  • 1 inside zipper pocket
  • 2 inside organizational pockets
  • Zipper lock on the main compartment
  • Smell-proof and water-resistant


  • 13″ x 9.5″
  • 1 Count
  • Various Colors

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