Pop Top Vial - Philips 30 Dram - 1/4 Oz - Child Resistant - Opaque Lime Green - (150 Count)

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The classic "pop" when a Philips pop-top vial has been opened is a classic sound we don't think we'll ever tire of hearing. Made in the USA, Philips is proud to make child-resistant vials that are of the highest-quality in packaging containers for dispensaries, collectives, and more.

Every pop-top vial meets ATSM and CPSC certification requirements for child-resistant products. Get a 30 dram opaque lime green in a 150-count with our wholesale options today and give your customers something they'll find truly invaluable.

30 drams can store up to a quarter of an ounce, allowing your customers to keep their herbs as safe and potent as when they first put them in the container. Give them what they want today and get yourself stocked on various sizes of pop-top vials.