Pop Top Vial - Philips 19 Dram - 1/8 Oz - Child Resistant - Opaque Silver - (225 Count)

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Having something to store your bud or joint is a must-have for any smoker, so it's always good to have a variety of storage options on hand for your customers. A storage container designed for the industry helps keep your herb potent and fresh until you can smoke it.

Made in the USA, Philips is a long-standing, well-known brand that makes durable, child-resistant containers. This pop-top flip-top vial is no different, one of the highest-quality containers on the market for your flower.

Get a bulk amount of reliable pop-top vials your customers can conveniently take with them everywhere, right here. Choose between a 225-count or an entire pallet, which includes 72 cases of 225 vials. Each bottle is ATSM and CPSC child-resistant certified. They're each an opaque silver color, which acts as a barrier for the contents inside when the vial is exposed to direct light.

Best of all, you can boast with your customers about how these vials are all recyclable. Made with polypropylene plastic, all they have to do is check with their local recycling facility to confirm they recycle that material before dropping it off.