Pop Top Vial - Philips 13 Dram - Child Resistant - Opaque White - (315 Count)

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    The original child-resistant pop-top vial, PHILIPS is a proud brand that makes its products in the USA. Each of their bottles meets CPSC child-resistant certification standards and goes above and beyond the standards of the ASTM. 

    We have a diverse line of pop-top vials from PHILIPS, including the 13-dram opaque white containers that are a hit with customers. Discreet and small, they can store up to 2 grams of flower at a time. They're perfect for taking on the road and are an easy storage option to have near checkout to entice customers to add it to their order. 

    White but opaque, each bottle does an excellent job at blocking harmful pollutants and UV rays from exposing the contents inside.