Pharaohs Ion Hookah - Zebra - (1 Count)

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The Pharaoh's Ion hookah is a solid older sibling to some of their smaller hookahs. At 21" tall it enters the ring as a medium-sized hookah. Perfect size for a nice tabletop hookah but also small enough that it can still be portable. The barrel-shaped stem of the Ion hookah sports a rough 'n tough black matte finish that won't require any polishing to stay looking fantastic. Underneath the black matte is solid stainless steel, which will never rust or corrode. The downstem of the Ion is also made of stainless steel, and it will never retain ghosting shisha flavors that can ruin a smoke session.


• Attachment Type Screw-On
• The number of possible hoses is 4 (Pharaohs 2.0 Adapters)
• The total height of hookah (Base to Bowl) 21.00"
• The base height of hookah is 9.00"
• The base opening diameter is 1.25"
• The hookah is featured with Pharaohs Silk Hose (100% Fully Washable)
• The hose length of hookah is 72.00"
• The hookah stem finish with black sand
• The Hookah is Packed in a Pharaohs Carton Box
• The hookah also has Pharaohs Clay Bowl
• The hookah features with Pharaohs Large Tongs
• The total weight of hookah is 6.00 LBS

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