Pay-Pay 1 1/4 Negro Extra Lightweight Papers with Magnetic Closing (25 Books)

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25 books - Each book has 50 papers!

Made in Spain!

Pay-Pay is the oldest cigarette rolling paper brand in the world! These rolling papers were originally traded by Spanish sailors for miscellaneous goods, such as cotton and tobacco. This is the earliest recorded events of paper entering North America.

These amazing papers have been available for over 300 years and are still produced in Alcoy, Spain, using 100% pure and natural hemp with a sweet sugar-based glue. Try these historic rolling papers today, you will love them!

These smooth and slow burning 1 1/4 papers are ultra thin and lined with a natural sweet sugar glue. The pack is easy to take with you with a magnetic closure ant art deco feeling decor, so you can roll and enjoy your smokes with Pay-Pay quality papers any time!