Mylar Bag White/Clear - Preroll - (100 to 50,000 Count)

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Mylar Bags: The Best Packaging Material Ever!

Mylar bags are incredibly versatile, and they are used as a form of packaging due to the incredible tensile strength of the material. These bags offer numerous advantages compared to their plastic counterparts, namely their tensile strength and the fact that they have a higher resistance to punctures after being laminated with aluminum foil.

Mylar Bags are Multifunctional and Moisture-Free!

These incredible bags are used in a wide variety of ways, and usually the food industry prefers to use them as a packaging material. Mylar bags can be used to hold herbs, tea spices and even precious metal, guns and ammo.

 What is Mylar Made From?

Mylar is a material that is made from the chemical compound known as Polyethylene terephthalate, or PET. This polyester film is widely recognized by it’s reflectivity, and it is impermeable to moisture and gases. In this way, it offers a reliable barrier and provides electrical insulation. It also possesses high tensile strength, making it the perfect packaging material.

  • Mylar Bag Vista White/Clear
  • Pre roll
  • 100 to 50,000 Count
  • This Bag is Heat Sealable
  • Gloss 
  • Square Corners
  • Ideal for Edible or Flower Packaging
  • What size Mylar Bag do I need?
  • Mylar Bag may have a hang hole. The hanging hole allows hanging on a pegboard or display stand.

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