Mylar Bag Vista Black/Clear 1 Oz - 28 Grams - 6 x 9.25" (100 to 20,000 Count)

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Hold up to 1 ounce, or 28 grams, with black/clear Mylar bags that seal away odor. Whether you have a dispensary, smoke shop, or other relevant business, Mylar bags come in handy for a plethora of purposes. Store product for customers to purchase without having to touch, or simply offer the bags as storage options for customers. Both are popular options among cannabis consumers.

Take your pick between a 250-count, 500-count, 1,000-count, 5,000-count, 10,000-count, 15,000-count, or a 20,000-count pack of 6 x 9.25" Mylar bags that are black on one side and clear on the other.

Heat sealable, they make for the perfect product storage bags for your customers. Ideal for both flower and edible packaging, you can customize the outside of your bags when they arrive to make them more personal to your brand.

Keep in mind, Mylar bags may have a hang hole. The hanging hole allows hanging on a pegboard or display stand, but not every Mylar bag has this hang hole option.

Our Mylar bags are available in the following sizes:

  • Mylar Bag Vista Black/clear 
  • 1 Ounce/28 grams
  • 100 to 20,000 Count
  • 6 x 9.25 x 2.3 inches
  • This Bag is Heat Sealable
  • Ideal for Edible or Flower Packaging