Mylar Bag Pouch Syringe / Preroll 2.5" x 9" Black Opaque (100, 500, or 1,000 Count)

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These Mylar zipper bags serve a variety of purposes for the needs of all dispensaries. For those who need a nice zipper pouch or bag in specific gram or ounce sizes, you would be able to select from a variety of baggie sizes to suit your specific needs. These were for retail marijuana, medical marijuana medication, or for tamper proofing concentrate containers for wax, dabs, and oil concentrates. Mylar Bag Preroll Pouch for Opaque Edibles / Syringe 100, 500, or 1,000 Count 2.5" x 9" Black/Black Capacity: Syringe/Preroll Retail and Medicinal Joints and Blunts Syringe This Bag is Heat Sealable Ideal for Edible or Flower Packaging What size Mylar Bag do I need?