Loud Lock Grip N Pull Mylar Bag 1/8 Oz or 1 Gram - Child Resistant - Opaque Black or White (500 to 20,000 Count)

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Safe, child-resistant, odor-proof storage of marijuana products is often a must. We offer these high-quality Grip N Pull exit bags, perfect for any transportation or storage of cannabis products.

Resealable, feel assured that you aren’t going to get just one use out of each bag. More eco-friendly, cost-effective, less porous, and smell-proof, they’re a perfect alternative to the everyday Ziploc baggie.

The innovative Grip N Pull child-resistant design is easy to use, ideal for discrete daily storage, and meets all nationwide child resistant compliance standards. Once the Child Seal is ripped open, the bag is no longer child safe but the customer can reuse the bag as it has a Zip Lock (non-CR) feature to it.

  • 500-count
  • 1,000-count
  • 5,000-count
  • 10,000-count
  • 15,000-count
  • 20,000-count

Perfect for daily storage for the regular user, they’re ideal for both flower and edible packaging. The bag is also heat-sealable, so the product inside can stay tightly sealed until you or your customer is ready for it.

  • Mylar Bag may have a hang hole. The hanging hole allows hanging on a pegboard or display stand.
  • Opaque in color so it's naturally UV blocking!

There may be a slight variation in overall bag dimensions, however, bag capacity is the same.

Even though the Mylar bag is child-resistant, it has a sleek and professional design that still meets the strict state compliance requirements across the nation.

While this Mylar bag fits 3.5 grams or one-eighth of an ounce, that may not be the exact size for your needs. Make sure to look at What size Mylar do I need? to double-check you’ve got the right bag size.  

Our Mylar Bags are available in the following sizes and varieties:

For other answers to questions people also ask, head over to our FAQ and People Also Ask section. 



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