Hemper Ninja Bubbler - (1 Count)

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Small and powerful, this water pipe strikes fast and ferocious as a lethal Ninja Rig should, smoothly pulling hits, moving milky, swirling like white shadows. It’s a beautifully stacked glass pagoda tower that packs the punch of an assassin!
The smooth and subtle 7” Ninja Rig features a 14mm female fixed 90º joint and a matching hollow bowl. This connects to inline, base-mounted showerhead perc inside the clear pagoda-shaped base. This deadly tower fills swiftly with thick, milky wisps.
The oil catcher design makes this rig perfect for flowers or oil. It helps save precious oil and keeps ash out of the water. Arm this assassin for dab battle with a compatible 14mm banger nail. This little rig can also gear up with a fully functional e-nail setup.
Using freshwater for each sesh keeps this pagoda tower clean. The flavor starts in that big hollow bowl, swirling quickly, then climbing every floor of that deadly pagoda-like a big boss—so much power in the palm of your hand.


• The height of bubbler is 7 inches
• The Base of bubbler is 3 inch wide
• Colored showerhead percolator
• Pagoda style glass piece
• Scientific Grade Borosilicate Glass
• Fixed 90-Degree Oil Catcher Joint
• Base-Mounted Showerhead Perc

What’s Included:

• Hemper Ninja Bubbler
• 14 mm male flower bowl
• Built-in dab tool holder


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