Hemper Cactus Jack Glass Bubbler XL - (1 Count)

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Introducing the HEMPER Cactus Bong XL, the sharpest way to smoke! With richly colored glass details, a friendly smile, and the full function of a 360 showerhead perc, this is a bong you'll be proud to have in your garden! This prickly bong is made possible by beautiful borosilicate glass and the artisans who shape it. It’s strong and break-resistant, features brilliant color to bring out the theme, and has all the right specs for a premium smoke sesh.
Bring a dank habitat to this 14mm F water pipe. It has a matching, spiny cactus bubble bowl, on a fixed 90º joint. This connects to inline, base-mounted showerhead perc, inside the clear planter-shaped base. Cactus Jack quickly fills milky, setting off its ‘happy’ eyebrows.
The oil catcher design makes the Cactus Jack Bong perfect for flower or oil. It helps save precious oil and keeps ash out of the water. Jack becomes a dab rig with a compatible 14mm banger nail. This little rig can also work with a fully functional e-nail setup


• Accented Mouthpiece
• Flower bowl included
• Showerhead Perc
• The bubbler has 10" Inches Tall
• 360 showerhead perc
• High Quality Borosilicate Glass
• Base-Mounted Showerhead Perc


• HEMPER Cactus Bong XL
• 14mm Male Joint Flower Bowl

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