Fast Fill 55 Fast Fill 121 Cone Filling Machine (55 Cone or 121 Cone Capacity)

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With different size options, you can use these cone filling machines with either 55 or 121 cones at a time, using Fast Fill 55 or Fast Fill 121, respectively.

Each Fast Fill machine also offers different pre-roll size options -- 84mm, 98mm, 109mm, 1gram Tendu and Palm Leaf, and the Fast Fill 121 even offers a pre-roll option for 98mm reefers.

  • The Fast Fill 55 allows 55 cones per run, filled in an impressive 3 minutes!
  • For the Fast Fill 121, you can fill 121 cones in an equally impressive 5 minutes!

What's Included?

  • Vibrating table
  • Cone cartridge in your specified size
  • Power cord
  • Lid and base
  • Bonus: free tamping tool!

How Does the Fast Fill Modular System Work?

A modular system simply means each piece can be bought separately to easily upgrade your cone pre-roll filling machine. This lets you interchangeably use different sizes and replace individual parts instead of having to invest in a brand-new machine.

Save Time, Be More Efficient with our Pre-Roll Machines

The perfect pre-roll machine for your dispensary, smoke shop, or other relevant business is waiting for you, right here. The Fast Fill 55 or Fast Fill 121 is budget-friendly, while still allowing you to fill pre-rolled cones efficiently.

Speed up the process of pre-rolling joints for your customers with a machine that does the job for you. Not only is it easy to learn how to use, but it's fast and convenient for anyone using it! An intuitive machine, it's the perfect low-maintenance addition to your business.