Humboldt Cone/Tube Cartridge for Fast Fill 121 - Cone/Tube Filling Machine

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CONE CARTRIDGE: Spare cone cartridge with 121 holes - vibration table can be used with either 55 or 121 cartridges.
MACHINE TYPE: Filling Machine
CAPACITY: 121 pre-rolled cones per run
INCLUDES: Cone Cartridge and Tamping Stick
MODULAR SYSTEM: Each piece can be bought individually so you can easily upgrade your pre-roll machine to do new sizes or replace individual parts
Pre-Roll Machine for Filling Pre-Rolled Cones and Tubes

The Fast Fill 121 is the perfect pre-roll machine for those just starting out their pre-roll production line. It is a budget friendly machine which will help you fill pre-rolled cones and tubes quickly. If you are a manufacturer, dispensary or start-up filling pre-rolled cones is not a viable option - you need pre-roll machines which will speed up the process and make the entire pre-roll production process easier.

To use the Fast Fill 121 - you simply place the cone holder on top of the vibrating base, load the cones into each individual slot, once all the cones are loaded you spread the cannabis on top - turn on the vibration and use the packing stick to make sure the cannabis packs into each cone well. The Fast Fill 121 is very simple to use, it is affordable and it gets the job done. It is a fantastic pre-roll machine to get your pre-roll line started!

A Simple to Operate Pre-Roll Machine
One of the best things about the Fast Fill 121 is that it is simple to operate. You will learn how to use this machine within 5 minutes of getting it in your hands! The Fast Fill 121 is intuitive and works in a similar fashion as most vibrating cone-filling machines. You load the pre-rolled cones from the top and use gravity/vibration to get the cannabis to fall into each individual cone. You will never need to spend long hours teaching new employees how to use this machine - you show them once and they will be filling pre-rolls without a problem!

Easy to Upgrade and Add New Cone Sizes
With the Fast Fill 121 if you want to do additional sizes or you want to increase the number of cones you can run per a cycle it is really easy. That is because each component of the Fast Fill 121 can be purchased individually. The Fast Fill 121 is made from the following components; vibrating base, stabilization pad and pre-rolled cone holder. If you want to add new sizes then you simply need to purchase additional holders. If you want to increase output you can purchase additional vibrating bases to increase the number of cones you can fill at once.

Start Your Pre-Roll Line and Scale Your Production
The Fast Fill 121 is great for brands just starting their pre-roll line and aren't ready for higher output machines. The Fast Fill 121 is an affordable pre-roll machine which will help you scale up your production and increase margins on pre-rolls. Pre-rolls should be a staple product for your brand or dispensary. The Fast Fill 121 will quickly pay itself back just on the time saved filling pre-rolls and your increased output!

Tube Cartridges
The Fast Fill is one of the only filling machines that works with the infamous pre-rolled tube. These cartridges are purchased separately. Many machines find it difficult to fill anything but cones; however, the Fast Fill gets the job done. It is a bit more manual when it comes to tamping and finishing but the finished product is worth the time and energy.

Works with Palm Tubes
If you love your Fast Fill and have always wanted to get into pre-rolled blunts, then the wait is over! The cylindrical palm or hemp wrap tubes slide nicely into blunt tube cartridge and stay put until your cannabis products shakes all the way home.

Artisan Tubes
Achieve the stately and nostalgic flair of traditional-looking pre-roll tubes with the Fast Fill cartridge for artisan-style pre-rolled tubes. The cylindrical tubes seat tightly in the cartridge as they are filled with your cannabis product. Pair the finished product with our Custom Boxes for a tried and truly unbeatable combination.

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