Buddies Wooden Bump Box Filler for King Size 109mm Cones or 1 1/4 84mm Cones (Fills 76 Cones Simultaneously)

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An authentic Buddies wooden bump box filler, it's perfect for King Size 109mm cones or 1 1/4 84mm cones. It can fill 75 cones simultaneously, a functional tool for every dispensary, smoke shop, or even the consumers at home.

Buddies as a brand have long since been revered in the wood craftsman market for their functional, efficient inventions, so it comes as no surprise that they'd come up with the ideal invention for the cannabis community.

Durable, the wooden design is made up of artisan-quality wood, one of the sturdiest of its kind. Assembled with high-quality timber, there's even a designated slot to move your cones once they've been packed to help spray and pack them down further.

Just unload your contents into the box, and it essentially falls into place. Save time and labor from your employees by investing in something worthwhile and long-term like this bump box filler.