Pop Top Vial - 90 Dram - 1 Oz Opaque Black - (45 Count)

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Pop top vials to store your bud or other product are a top investment every smoker likes to have. What some consider a must-have, we offer a variety of pop top flip top vials to give you storage options.

Our 90-dram opaque black Pop Top Flip Top Vial, for example, is one of the highest quality containers in our line. Each order provides a 45-count of the vials, each capable of storing 1oz of cannabis or other product.

With dimensions of 3 inches by 3 1/4 inches, this isn't the type of container to hold blunts or joints. Pre-roll tubes and blunt tubes are better suited for those. For product, whether ground up already or still in flower form, this vial can keep them secure.

While there is a flip top, it's still child resistant. In fact, this 90-dram vial is fully ATSM and CPSC child-resistant certified, so you can feel confident in its security around minors.

Smell-proof, our flip top vials are a great way to keep your product fresh and potent until you get a chance to use it.

Model: PVCRBK90