420 Odor Eliminator Spray Sleeve Original Scent (12 Count Display)

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Finally, a solution for those days where you're just not feeling that shower--or for those smoke breaks in between work meetings. Our 420 Odor Eliminator is made with assorted essential oils and leaves your home or car smelling fresh. 420 Odor Eliminator is also more efficient and eco-friendlier than other options like incense sticks and candles which produce harmful toxins. The air freshener discreetly comes packaged in attractive packaging so it looks nice sitting on any tabletop--even waiting to be noticed by the great smell test-takers near you!


• The spray has tough on odors
• Aerosol spray
• The spray features No CFC's
• Small and discreet
• Portable
• World’s Strongest Odor Eliminator
• 1 Oz. Per Bottle
• This spray is Eco-Friendly
• Quick Results!
• Display Box of 12 Sprays
• Perfect for covering cannabis scent
• Safe for hair and clothes
• Made in the USA

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