Wagner Furno 300 Shrink Wrapping Heat Gun 1200 Watt

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Wagners Furno 300 is a heat gun designed to apply focused heat for projects such as sealing plastic wrap, removing paint, thawing pipes and loosening rusted bolts. It produces 1200-Watt/4100 BTUs of heating power. The Furno 300 has 2 temperatures and fan speeds settings to adjust to specific heating needs. Dual-temperature heat gun Lightweight, ergonomic design Ideal for uses such as removing paint or bending plastic 2 Settings 750 Degrees or 1100 Degrees 1200 Watts of power Corrosion-resistant nozzle and integrated hanging hook Rugged and light-weight handle For use with Shrink Wrapping products Used for shrink wrapping Blunt Tubes, J Tubes, and 2oz or 4oz Glass Jars!