Sluice Box MJ Cone Filling Machine

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Proudly made in the USA, the Sluice Box MJ Cone Filling Machine comes in various cone sizes. Designed for commercial grows, dispensaries, and other relevant businesses, it's a pre-roll cone vibrating table that can fill up to 401 joints per run.

Available in:

  • 84mm Cones
  • 98mm & 109mm Cones
  • 98mm Reefer Cones
  • Mini/Dogwalker Cones

Over just 8 hours, with 2 operators, you can fill 1,200 to 1,400 joints, making this one of the most worthy investments for your business.

You don't have to worry about a machine that loosely packs, either. Expect densely-packed, optimally-filled joints that smoke nice and slow. Made with stainless steel materials, it's easy to maintain a sanitary workspace.

It's designed to work with both tubes and cones, with additional tube attachments available.

To create perfect compression during production, an additional tamping attachment is available.

The power requirements for our Sluice Box MJ Cone Filling Machine is 110 volts, and its dimensions measure 25in. x 15in. x 18in.

Finally, the Sluice Box motor includes a 1-year warranty, so you can feel confident while you keep stock of supply in your dispensary or other business all year long. 

What's Included?

  • Sluice Box MJ Cone Filling Machine Base
  • Tray with a Cone Cartridge of your choice (84mm, 98mm & 109mm, 98mm Reefer, or Mini/Dogwalker Cones)
  • Top of Machine
  • Packer Tool
  • Set of 2 Dividers for Easier Filling


Careful time, effort, and energy was put into creating the perfect pre-roll machine. This impacted farms and grow spots all across the nation, as the Sluice Box MJ Pre Roll Machine is proudly made in the USA. Strong durability and a reliable 1-year warranty are obvious perks for the filling machine, on top of the sheer amount of time saved by using the machine.

The trays and dividers that come with the base machine allow you to have your pre-roll production staff working continually in a neat, organized shift.

Easy Clean-Up

No one likes a machine that requires tedious cleaning and maintenance before, during, and after use. The Sluice Box MJ Cone Filling Machine is not only easy to use but just as easy to clean. The weight of each pre-roll is made consistent with the steady vibrating motor moving the material inside.

Production has NEVER been More Flexible

Mass-producing pre-rolls is a problem of the past when a cone filling machine this efficient exists. You'll have no trouble densely and conveniently packing the products for your business. The fact that the machine can be tailored to your exact preferred pre-roll size just adds to the perks of getting one! Endless possibilities are at your disposal when you can simply change out the attachment and utilize the same machine for different sizes and types of pre-rolls.

MJ Wholesale wants to feel confident that your business has what it needs to build brand loyalty. These innovative machines can help you improve your customer base!

    Sluice Box Cone Filling Machine Basic Directions

    1. Place the base of the machine on a level surface.
    2. Place tray on the base of the machine.
    3. Set the cone cartridge over the tray; make sure the tray lifts freely from the base upwards to the bottom of the cone cartridge.
    4. Load pre-roll cones into cartridge holes.
    5. Place top over the cartridge.
    6. Apply material evenly across the top.
    7. Press the power button on, move material to corners if needed or until the material is gone from top.
    8. Remove the top.
    9. Move any excess material into cones.
    10. Optional place packer on the cartridge and then remove.
    11. Lift up on the tray, prerolls will rise up from cone cartridge move off of the base and set to side making sure tray is supported in up position.
    12. Note: depending on the material, variations can apply to step 5 through 10 for pack and fill and amount of time or quick presses of on button. Also applying a small amount of pressure with hand to cone cartridge will decrease the amount to vibration if desired.
    13. Step 10 packer can be raised or lowered by six screws on top for the desired depth of the pack.
    14. If using dividers place in the desired location on cone cartridge then put the top on and line up dividers with dividers in cone cartridge. This allows the sluice box to run more than one strain at a time or smaller amounts if desired.

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