Pop Top Vial - Philips 19 Dram - 1/8 Oz - Child Resistant - Opaque Strawberry (225 Count)

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We're proud to offer a versatile line of Philips storage containers, including the 19 Dram child-resistant pop-top vial that can hold up to 1/8 of an oz at a time. Recyclable, Philips pop-tops are made of polypropylene plastic, so your customers just have to check with their local recycling facility to confirm that they do in fact recycle that type of plastic. 

Get these pop-top vials in an opaque strawberry that blocks sunlight and harmful UV rays from the contents inside. Able to keep product fresh, airtight, and secure, make sure you stay stocked on storage containers your customers will undoubtedly need.

Child-resistant certified, choose between a 225-count or a pallet, which includes 72 cases.