Mylar Bag Vista Silver/Clear - 1 Oz - 28 Grams 6 x 9.25" (250 to 20,000 Count)

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State of Washington: These bags are also designed for processors operating in Washington because these Mylar bags are constructed of PET/PE plastic, and are heat sealable, with a thickness of over four mil, and with no easy-open table, dimple, corner, or flap as required by WAC 314-55-105 Packaging and Labeling Requirements set by the State of Washington. Heat sealers for these bags can be purchased separately from our e-commerce store. Mylar Bag Vista Silver/Clear - (Silver Front and Clear Back) Full 1 Ounce 250 to 20,000 Count 6" x 9.25" This Bag is Heat Sealable Ideal for Edible Packaging What size Mylar Bag do I need?