Blunt Tube 116mm or 120mm - Made in USA - Black, White or Clear

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MJ Wholesale Brand Joint tubes are a must-have for any smoker.

Even if you aren't a fan of joints or blunts, a joint tube helps you keep your herb fresh and potent until you can smoke it.

Our opaque joint tubes for pre-rolls secure tight, You can choose between a variety of colors, including:
  • Clear
  • White
  • Black
  • Opaque in color so it's naturally UV blocking!

Order a pallet and save! 27,000 Tubes in 54 boxes make up a pallet!

With a squeeze top feature holding the content safe and secure inside the tube, it's still easy to pop open when needed.

116mm joint tubes or 120mm, these joint tubes are identically interchangeable with any 109mm size tubes.

***Your order may be automatically substituted for 116mm Blunt Tubes***

***ATSM Certification Pending*** these are some of the best-selling joint tubes in our inventory. You can snag them from as little as 500 units, and save money as you add more quantity to your order! Buy American with trust, & the safety of child-resistant protection of the tubes.

Amazing Quality Joint Tube For Storage

This popular joint tube is the perfect place for you to store your product as it will ensure that everything stays fresh and ready to use. Not only are these designed to look simple, but they are also incredibly easy to use, with a hinged cap that opens after you squeeze the tube.

100% Completely Child Safe

These amazing airtight joint tubes are incredibly appealing because they come in a variety of opaque and transparent colors and are completely child resistant. These tubes have a tight seal that prevents children from easily opening them.

Fits Easily Into Pre Rolled Cones!

The best thing about these joint tubes is that after squeezing out the product, it is so incredibly easy to make your own rolled cigarette. They even fit into readily available pre-rolled cones, making the entire process incredibly simple and efficient.

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