Genesis GHG1500A 12.5 Amp Dual-Temperature Heat Gun (1 Count)

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Genesis GHG1500A 12.5 Amp Dual-Temperature Heat Gun Kit with High and Low Settings, Air Reduction Nozzle, Reflector Nozzle, and Two Deflector Nozzles 1500/750 Watt Heat Gun with Powerful 12.5 Amp Motor High and Low Temperature Settings for Versatility Deflector Nozzles Protect Glass and Other Surfaces Reflector Nozzle Speeds Thawing of Pipes. 3-position rocker type switch for high temperature, off and low temperature Includes: (2) Deflector Nozzles, (1) Reflector Nozzle and (1) Air Reduction Nozzle Use the Genesis Heat Gun for lighting charcoal grills without the need for smelly lighter fluid Warm RC engines to assist with start up For use with Shrink Wrapping products Used for shrink wrapping Blunt Tubes, J Tubes, and 2oz or 4oz Glass Jars!