Futurola Reefer Size Cone Loader (1 Count)

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Minimize your time spent pre-loading and maximize your production volume with the Reefer Size Cone Loader from Futurola. You can complete the packaging process for all pre-rolled cone sizes with ease.

A multi-universal unit, the cone loader is perfect for use with the Futurola Mini Marijuana Shredder and other industrial shredders and grinders.

Our Futurola Reefer Cone Loader doesn't come with the Futurola Knockbox, but we have both the Futurola Knockbox 3 50 Cone Filling Kit and the Futurola Knockbox 3 100 Cone Filling Kit to add to your order!

This combination of powerful Futurola devices means you have everything you need to make your dispensary, smoke shop, or other relevant business a success. Build up brand loyalty, improve convenience for your customers, and give consumers what they're truly after with fresh, pre-rolled cones loaded easily and packed well with Futurola machines.