Smokus Focus Stash Lightup Jar with LED Light - Rechargeable with Magnifying Display - Available in Various Colors

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The Stash Light up display jar! The World’s First rechargeable, pocket-sized magnifying display jar designed for anyone on-the-go who loves inspecting their medicine. With 12 hours of battery life and an airtight seal, the Smokus Focus Stash is the ultimate display jar ready for any daily adventure.

Product Dimensions: 2 inch diameter, 3 inches tall. 

Check out Smokus Focus Video Demonstrations 

Available in:
  • Black
  • White
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Bronco
  • Hone
  • Rasta
  • Blue Steel

One-of-A-Kind Dispensary Jar

 If you are running an herb dispensary, this incredibly different cannabis storage jar is the perfect place to display the amazing products that you have in your collection. There is a childproof lid that has a mechanism which is easy to learn, making it a very appealing product for multiple customers.


Eye Catching, Unique and Innovative Design

The LED lights fitted into this dispensary jar make it flash brightly to attract customers. The lightup jars allow people to easily see the herbs contained within the packaging and ensure that the product remains safe and secure.

Fresh Product Every Time!

The locking lid makes it difficult for customers to open the jar without assistance from staff, thereby ensuring that your product does not fall into the wrong hands for any reason. This jar is also fitted with an airtight seal which keeps the product fresh, allowing you the option of storing the cannabis for later usage. The jar is available in a variety of different sizes, making it a great portable product for those who want their herbs available at a moment’s notice.


Tether not included- Sold Separately 

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