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Oklahoma Regulations for Cannabis Packaging and Labeling

Oklahoma Regulations for Cannabis Packaging and Labeling

The wild west of weed – Oklahoma State – allows for easy entry of business in the cannabis industry. That’s because of low license fees, no license caps, and inexpensive labor and land costs. Also, since 2018 when voters approved medical marijuana in the state, one in 13 adult Oklahomans hold a patient card. Thus, the state serves as a great landscape for running a cannabis business.   

But like in other states, proper labeling of retail cannabis products is essential for maintaining state compliance. Since recreational use is illegal in Oklahoma, cannabis packaging laws are different compared to states where both recreational and medicinal uses are legal. 

Knowing and adapting laws surrounding cannabis is crucial to ensure that the drug is handled responsibly among businesses and users alike.  

Here is the overview of cannabis packaging and labeling regulations in Oklahoma. 

General Cannabis Packaging & Labeling Requirements in Oklahoma 

  • The packaging shouldnt be attractive to minors. It should only depict the general information like the company name and product information.
  • False advertising, like medical claims and curative properties, is prohibited.
  • Packages must refrain from infringing or violating any federal trademark regulation or law. 

Important Information

  • Terpenoid potency
  • THC potency
  • Government warning statements for labeling, including:
  •  This product has been tested for contaminants.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Women should not use marijuana or medical marijuana products during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects.

  • Oklahoma Uniform Symbol: The recommended size for the printed symbol is .06" x .085", and it should not be smaller than ½ inch x ½ inch. Keep the color red with black text.

Child Resistant Packaging:

All medical marijuana and medical marijuana products must be packaged in child-resistant packages containers at the point of sale or other transfer to a patient, a patient's parent, or legal guardian if they are a minor or a caregiver. Child-resistant packaging:

  • The design should be difficult for children below the age of five to open.
  • It should be easy for normal adults to use.
  • Keep the packaging opaque so that the product is not without opening the package.
  • Make it re-sealable to make the packages child-resistant and ideal for multiple openings if it contains multiple servings. 


  • Information on packages should be clear and legible. 
  • Use the English language.
  • Keep the font size at least 6-point. 
  • All required labels must appear on the outer layer of the package. 
  • Small packaging may use an information panel, such as inserts, peel-back labels, and hashtags, for displaying the required information. 

Custom Cannabis Packaging and Labeling

At Sooner State Packaging, we provide state-compliant custom packaging for all types of cannabis products. We ensure that our packages and labels meet Oklahoma regulations and guidelines.